UK Records

The following are the UK records and record holders.

A UK record can only be set at the World Logging Championship, European Logging Championship and the UK National Championship. Records at other events may be considered by the committee provided it is a full competition run to IALC rules.

To qualify for a UK tree felling record the test must be performed on a tree, mast pole, or long log. Short logs are not eligible. Individual records cannot be set at competitions where short logs are used.

Tree felling

NameVenue and DateScore
Richard Elliott
Phil Dunford
2008 UK Championship
2013 UK Championship

Fitting another chain

NameVenue and DateScore
Peter Fox2016 World Logging Championship128

Bucking by combined cuts

NameVenue and DateScore
Richard Elliott2010 UK Championships196

Precision bucking

NameVenue and DateScore
Richard Elliott2008 World Logging Championships246


NameVenue and DateScore
Richard Elliott2018 UK Championships460

Individual Score – Professional

NameVenue and DateScore
Richard Elloitt2018 UK Championships1639

Individual Score – U24

NameVenue and DateScore
Daniel Fortuna2014 UK Championships1365