The UKL competition consists of 5 disciplines that all relate to an operation performed by a forest worker during a working day: Fitting a new chain, accurately crosscutting a log that is either on the floor or is resting across another log, plus felling a tree and limbing (removing branches).

All events are against the clock.
 The disciplines are judged and scored in accordance with the International Association of Logging Championships (IALC ) regulations which may be found at   : www.ialc.ch/index.php/reglement_en.html

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Fitting a new chain against the clock.Fitting a new chain
During this event the sideplate must be removed, the guidebar and chain removed from the saw, the guide bar turned and fitted with a new chain then reassembled on the saw to a working condition.



Precision Combi cutting competition..

Combination Crosscut
2 Discs must be cut from 2 angled logs. Each disc should be severed by making 2 cuts: the first from bottom to middle and the second from top to middle. Cuts should be made at 90 degrees to the log and with as little misalignment as possible.



Precision Crosscut
2 logs are placed on hardboard and the bottom 30mm of each buried beneath damp sawdust. A Discs must be cut from each log without hitting the hardboard and as close to 90 degrees as possible.



A tree must be felled in 3 minutes or under as close to a pre-placed stake as possible. Points are awarded for accuracy of felling cuts and closeness to target stake.



30 branches must be removed from a supported pole as quickly and accurately as possible. Points are deducted for damage to the pole, stubs that are too high and unsafe working practises.