About Us

 UK Loggers is a not for profit organisation who’s purpose is to –

  • To organise an annual competition to determine the UK’s precision chainsaw champion and select the team to represent the UK at the following years world championship
  • To promote and support the wider UK’s precision chainsaw competition circuit
  • To provide information and support to the members to assist in the development of their skills in precision chain saw competition
  • To raise public interest in precision chainsaw competition, forestry and arboriculture and attract the sponsors.

We have a constitution that sets out the governance of UKL and the election of officers. We have three permanent members of the committee elected every year with other members joining to help with specific competitions or other items.

Chair – Andrew Campbell

Andy has worked as a chainsaw operator and climber in both commercial forestry and arboriculture for many years. He now runs Chainsaw Training UK Ltd. and is an instructor, assessor and verifier. When not working he may be found training for and competing in precision chainsaw competitions both at home and abroad. He has represented the UK at the World Logging Championships and has also represented the UK in all 5 of the European Logging Championships since they started in 2009.

Treasurer – Dorienne Robinson

Dorienne has an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies and has worked closely with local community renewable energy schemes for a number of years. She has a love of woodlands and believes that managing them sensitively can enhance habitat while helping to supply some of our energy needs.

She has her own wood fuel company. Knows how to use a chainsaw and is also good at book keeping.

Secretary – Richard Siddons

Richard helped organise the first Royal Welsh Tree Felling Competition in 1990 and has been involved in every one since. He judged at a number of UK Loggers competitions over the years and gradually became more involved with the organisation. Went to his first World Logging Championship in 2018 as Team Captain.


Richard Elliott started competing in 1986 at the Devon County Show. He competed in 11 of them and won 7. He also took part in 5 Scottish National competitions from 1987 to 1992 he managed 3rd place which qualified him for the UK team in the World Logging Championships in Romania in 1994. He achieved a bronze medal for limbing in Romania, a bronze for combination cross-cut in Lockerbie 2002 and a silver for precision cross-cut in Germany 2008. Richard has competed in all the UK competitions since it started in 1995 and has won 12.   

Peter Fox has worked in the forest industry since leaving school. He entered his first Royal Welsh tree felling competition in 1996. He first won this title in 2009 and has held it five times. He entered his first UK loggers competition in 2004 and whilst he has won each of the 5 events over the years, he has never held the overall title until 2017. He has represented the UK in the World Logging championships 3 times and is the current UK record holder for fitting a new chain.